Getting the Perfect Fit

Our masks are fashion-forward, reusable, personal protective masks that come in a range of patterns and five sizes to fit children and adults. Masks are available in Kids, Youth, Small, Large, and Extra-Large sizes.
Human faces come in all different shapes and sizes which can make it challenging to get the right fit. Taking careful measurements is an essential step when selecting your mask as the correct fit is imperative for perfect filtration.
The mask should be a snug fit, without leaving any gaps for unfiltered air to leak through. Two ways that can help you make an accurate purchasing decision – our recommended means of measurement and an alternative means of measurement. Our recommended means of measurement is by using a measuring tape. This means of measurement is for all ages and we strongly recommend this method for its highly accurate way of ensuring your purchase will fit.
Step One - Using a tape measure, measure from the mid-point of your nose to just over 3 centimetres under your chin, this would be your reference for the first number on our size chart.

Step Two - Measure from the outer edge of your left cheekbone to the outer edge of your right cheekbone (about an inch below your temples) to find the correct width for your mask. Make sure to add a couple of millimetres to your measurement to avoid mask being too small.
Care Instructions

  • Cold Machine Wash - for best results include Canesten Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Laundry Rinse in the softener dispenser to guarantee 99.9% elimination of all germs. 
  • Do not hot wash. 
  • Drip or line dry - for faster drying, place mask on short high spin cycle. 
  • Do not tumble dry. 

Snap worked incredibly hard to create a cut that works well, greatly limiting the number of times you touch your face because it doesn’t lose position or become uncomfortable. We hope you’re as thrilled with the result as we are. We can’t thank you enough for backing Australian Made at a time when so many are struggling, it’s a massive shot in the arm for us all!

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